Are you looking for greater balance, fulfillment and joy in your work and personal life, a greater sense of direction, a clearer knowing of your individual purpose + a whole new lease on the life of your valued business?

If so, Onbelay Collective's "Ignite Your Purpose & Drive Your Business™" workshop is just what you are looking for.  

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Ignite Your Purpose & Drive Your Business™ 2-Day Workshop

Day 1: Purpose-Driven Leadership™

On Day 1, we'll welcome you to Onbelay Collective’s "Purpose-Driven Leadership™" workshop, offering a new approach to organizational leadership and bringing new learnings for attaining greater balance, direction, profitability and sustainability, allowing you the joy and fulfillment of reaching yours and your business' goals. 

Utilizing Onbelay's Leadership Questionnaire™, you'll identify what your unique purpose is, what it means to be completely true to yourself, and discover how your purpose might translate into your business vision. 

You'll define for yourself what balance means to you, learn why it's so important for attaining mastery, and identify ways to integrate balance into all that you do.  

Your unique combination of purpose and balance will clarify and solidify your vision for yourself, your business, your colleagues and your team.

Purpose-Driven Leadership™ is all about discovering endless areas of possibilities and opportunities for you to express the REAL YOU as a purposeful and balanced leader in successfully running your unique business.

Day 2: Translating Purpose Into Action™

Building from the learnings from Day 1, we'll work with you to translate your purpose into action, to help you develop a meaningful, attainable strategic plan to effectively drive your business to where you envision it going.

Our approach to translating purpose into action takes the learnings from Day 1, together with those from the Leadership Questionnaire™, to enable you to... out your biggest, most audacious goals for the long term (5 years out);

...focus on the specific daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly goals for the upcoming year ( 1 yr), this providing the roadmap to effectively drive your business over the short term; back from your 5 year goal and forward from your first year's specific goals, mapping out all mid term goals for the years in between (years 2-4).

These goals will then be broken down in greater detail so that you will be able to:

1. Create an overview of sales goals for the upcoming year, having taken into account your key business indicators.

2. Develop a comprehensive, numbers-supported business ledger and road map for your business for its upcoming year, creating daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly actionables so that you can attain your financial targets with ease.

3. Use the same approach to determine macro-to-micro picture planning for the subsequent 2-5 years.


The outcome of this 2 day workshop:

This 2-day IGNITE YOUR PURPOSE & DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS workshop, focussing on PURPOSE-DRIVEN LEADERSHIP & TRANSLATING PURPOSE INTO ACTION, will provide you with the insights, tools, steps and support needed to deliver a strategic 1-5 year financially sound action plan, this then convertible into a business plan.  This action plan and road map will allow you to find balance, to follow your purpose and to drive your business to precisely where you want it to go.

You will have far greater confidence in ensuring that you will be able to successfully meet your personal and business objectives in a way that is balanced and rewarding to both you and your staff on the business side of things, and to your partner/family/friends on the personal side.

Who Should Attend:

Small to mid-sized business owners who are seeking more balance in their working lives and who want to more clearly identify and articulate their unique purpose and vision to truly impact their business' next manifestation.

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