During this final guiding phase, we’ll work to enhance your leadership- and team-building skills.  

DURING OUR FINAL GUIDING PHASE, we’ll guide your organization’s leaders and their teams through the implementation of Onbelay Collective’s accepted recommendations - including the newly created tools, manuals and processes - via training, facilitation and coaching.

Here, we want to play an integral role in assisting you in further cultivating an open, honest and participative environment, maximizing your organization’s human potential. By aiding in the “grandfathering” of these new tools and processes, we can enhance your leadership and team-building skills and ensure that the newly defined “BIG picture” - and all pictures in between - are appropriately communicated forward to all individuals within your organization.

All of this communication fosters an aligned and collaborative learning-centred organizational culture. On an individual-to-organization level, it cultivates a greater understanding of and sense of purpose to the whole, leading to heightened workplace satisfaction and significantly improved employee retention.

Believing that what gets measured gets managed, we advocate an ongoing process of measurement, evaluation and guidance. We want you to be able to understand the impact of your organization’s and brand’s successes, and to easily measure and communicate the impact of these successes to all your relevant audiences.

Moving forward, whenever requested, we will provide additional personalized leadership coaching and guidance to CEOs, senior leadership teams and other key organizational leaders and we are happy to schedule follow-ups to accompany this guiding process, be these monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Ultimately, we want to be active partners in your organization’s success, playing a role in ensuring you achieve your short and long term goals.

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