Through ONBELAY'S DIAGNOSIS process, we’ll seek to uncover as many relevant truths about your organization, its people & its brand as possible.

The integral first component to any work we do, Onbelay's diagnosis is the foundation to our subsequent three phases, all of which operate through a collaborative, learning-by-doing model.  Results from the diagnosis are always interesting, revealing and may at times be uncomfortable, but they are an honest reflection from essentially holding a mirror up.  Don’t worry, this is all good stuff!

Tapping into individual and collective inspiration and aspiration, we’ll begin this phase by gathering valuable information through talking to key leadership and their teams.  Encouraging organizational leaders to move from both their heads and their hearts, we use Onbelay Collective’s Balanced Leadership Questionnaire™ to assist them in defining their own purpose and that of their organization, and to discover, articulate and foster their own ideas and methodologies to advance these. 

We’ll then perform a full-scale overview of your business operations, including past financials, current numbers and business indicators.  Internally, from information-gathering through one-on-one sessions, workshops and/or other appropriate methods, we’ll pose a number of defining questions to key individuals representing your organization, bringing attention to important learnings from the past as well as diagnosing current successes and opportunities. Externally, recognizing that an estimated 85% of the market share of any organization is intangible, we’ll seek to uncover the external ideas and relationships behind your unique brand by gathering feedback from customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, examining how your organization is performing in the context of its competitive landscape. 

From all of this valuable information gathering, we’ll assemble and present all relevant findings in a visually appealing, easy to assimilate diagnostic report, identifying all successes, opportunities and proposed next steps, within the following areas of your business*:

  • Vision, Leadership & Management
  • Values & Organizational Culture
  • Productivity, Profitability & Indicators
  • Product & Production
  • Brand Communication & Differentiation
  • Sales
  • Marketplace & Marketing
  • HR, Communication & Guidance
  • Operational Systems & Best Practices
  • Customer Service
  • Physical Location/s
  • IT,  Website & Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain & Distribution
  • Environmental & Social Impacts
  • 3rd Party Certifications/Relationships

*plus or minus these and others as appropriate