We're In Good Company

At Onbelay Collective, we work with all types of businesses, from start-ups to mid-size companies, from local-scaled “small giant”-types to expansive nation-wide brands and franchises.  Over the years we've worked with a variety of clients within food services, restaurants - conventional & farm-to-table, retail, fashion design, garment production, jewelry, cosmetics, adventure tourism, vacation home and hotels, assisting each in more clearly identifying their successes and opportunities, in articulating their organizational vision and value, in gauging and strategizing their next steps, and in co-developing, rolling out, training and guiding effective, integrated standards and operational systems, for short and long-term profitability and sustainability. 

Some of the wonderful local businesses we’ve worked with:


With their knowledge, guidance and patience, Onbelay has helped us achieve not only significant financial gains, but also helped us better understand and appreciate the culture that lived and breathed within our company. With that understanding we were able to more fully realize the values that were important to us as business owners and translate these to our staff and customers seamlessly.

– Jodi Mann and Nick Crooks, founders and former owners of the Noodle Box

Our company contracted Onbelay to assist us at a critical period in our growth. During the previous ten-year period, we expanded from a one-store operation to supporting over 140 Great Canadian Dollar Store franchises operating our system across Canada. At our critical turning point, Onbelay was able to co-create a complete system for our franchise members reflecting our corporate strategy and encompassing the areas of Merchandising and Retailing, both cornerstones of our successful business.

– Kevin Walker, former President of the Great Canadian Dollar Store